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Winterization: Clean Your Gutters in 6 Easy Steps


Having a lawn with a lot of trees is like having a dog with long hair: your house and lawn is destined to be covered with leaves.  Now that it’s mid-October, it is time to think about winterization and cleaning out your gutters before any heavy snowfall – my least favorite task.  It is best sometimes to just pull the band aid off quickly.  Don’t think, find something old and long sleeved, grab gloves, and let’s power through this.

  • What you will need:
    • Long sleeved, work clothes
    • Plastic scoop
    • Heavy duty gloves
    • An extendable ladder
    • Trash backs
    • A hose
  1.  Extend ladder and place it near the top of the downspout. If possible, buy a standoff stabilizer to attach to the top of your ladder.  This will make it so that you are balanced against the roof instead of on the gutter.
  2. Fasten a trash bag to the ladder near the top, and begin scooping out leaves near the downspout and work backwards.
  3. After cleaning out the whole of the gutter, we will test for leaks and blockages using the host. Run the hose from the furthest point, towards the downspout. The stream of water will be a good indicator of what to do next.
  4. If the stream flows steadily towards the downspout but doesn’t drain, that means more attention is needed to clean out this funnel. Luckily, there is a hose attachment that can do this. Take the attachment and instead of running it top down, feed it in from the bottom and run water through it to try and clear the clog.  After a minute or so of this, try running the water from the top of the spout.  If it still doesn’t drain, repeat this step.
  5. If step three led to stagnant water in parts of your gutter, they may not be hung correctly. In order to drain, gutters need to decline at the rate of ¼’ per ever 10 ft towards the downspout.
  6. Finally, while preforming step three, keep an eye on leakage. Note the spots where you find a heavy drip.  If the leak is occurring at the seam of 2 gutter lengths, this is fairly easy to repair with gutter sealant along the crack.  Same goes for end cap leaks.  However, if the leak comes from a full on hole and not a crack the repair process will be more extensive.

Clean gutters are the first step to preparing your home for inclement weather.  Need help with the weatherization process? Give Handyman Matters a call! 866-FIX-MY-HOME.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips from Handyman Matters

fall-homeFall is just around the corner and the brisk air outside means goodbye summer! Before you sit back and enjoy watching the leaves change, carve a jack-o-lantern or plan Thanksgiving dinner, remember that fall is a good time to get outside and provide some important maintenance to your homes and property.

During the fall season, before the weather grows colder it’s important to prepare for the winter months to prevent costly damage later on. Below are fall preventative home maintenance tips that every homeowner should follow.

  1. Check outdoor paint for peeling, cracking and coverage
  2. Inspect attic for insulation and leak stains
  3. Inspect weather stripping, thresholds, transitions, and windows
  4. Inspect exterior trim, gutters, and downspouts
  5. Review storage areas and move temperature sensitive material to warmer areas
  6. Drain outdoor faucets and winterize hoses and spigots
  7. Clean gutters
  8. Remove screens and install storm windows
  9. Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and change batteries if needed
  10. Tighten handrails and grab bars

The tips offered are to help better prepare a home for the winter. Homes react to seasonal changes in temperature and moisture levels; it’s important that maintenance is done in order to avoid higher energy bills, or worse, damage to the home. Handyman Matters can help get your home prepared for fall. To find a location near you, call 866-FIX MY HOME or visit HandymanMatters.com.